We’re changing the way to go solar.

Numsolar calculates 25 years of solar panels usage for any roof type at any location in 5 seconds, so you can go solar with confidence.

For home owners

Going solar is easy

Our goal is to help anyone, anywhere make an intelligent decision about going solar, and help in finding the best installation company.

Works globally.
Numsolar works at any location, globally. We use physics models to get solar irradiation at any location of the globe.
Design your roof.
At Numsolar, we give our users easy to use tools to design their rooftop solar. Solar installation is defined by the roof area, slope, and orientation of the roof. Not only that, but the project price is also impacted by the roof material, slope, and height above ground.
Historical weather.
We collect a full year's worth of historical weather data to help you get the most out of your solar panels. Our data helps estimate how much solar energy will reach your panels during cloudy weather, how much snow might be blocking the sun during winter, and how much rain can help wash away dust.
Equipment, services and cost.
Roof area, slope and orientation, as well as roof material, height above the ground all effect the price of the project.
At Numsolar, we aim to make the price shown as close to the final price as possible.
And many more:
Historical electricity prices, shadows, car charging, loan calculator, ROI
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For companies

Quote in 1 minute? Easy!

We work hard to provide you with the best tools, because we also believe in solar energy.

Roof layout.
We help you configure roof layout of any complexity within Numsolar 3D editor.
Your own settings.
We let you specify how you do the business.
Equipment configuration rules
You can specify rules to automatically configure equipment and work.
Integration with Hubspot, including full control over Numsolar project from Hubspot.
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PDF Templates
You can create PDF documents from your own templates for any project.
Embed into your website
You can embed wizard with your configuration and equipment to your website.
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